Blues Bitch schrieb am Montag, 28. Mai 2018 um 14:38
Why is a support band called a support band? In ancient times in Germany it was called Vorgruppe or perhaps, in more colloquial words, Einheizer. Funnily enough, Ryan McGarvey, who was the main act on this hot Saturday evening turned out to be the Einheizer for the support band from Austin, Texas, with Jackie Venson as the leading lady. It was high energy music, lots of riffs from McGarvey, and from Carmine Rojas, the baldy bass player, the very famous man from Brooklyn who had played with all the great and good of the musical world. Utterly relaxed, he made little dancing steps while playing, looking at his junior partner with an amused attitude when he fiddled with his petalboard on the ground. But before all that there were four musicians who showed what fun you can put into about fifty minutes. Jackie Venson was forced at the age of eight by her mother to learn to play the piano; later she studied the instrument at the university but became bored and changed to the electric guitar. So she is no newbie and you could sense that the minute she walked onstage. A journalist described her as a »Gary Clark Jr.-level talent«, which is simply complete hokum. She was once opening for Clark, and that’s quite a difference. The live CD you could buy at the Merchandise stand don’t reflect the concert at the Blues Garage. It was more lively and the selection of songs much better. As Samantha Fish will probably not return to the Garage (and I remember her first gig as a girl with a guitar with a special fondness), we can only hope that this girl with a guitar, Jackie Venson, will come back next year, not as a support but as the headliner of the evening.