Blues Bitch schrieb am Montag, 23. April 2018:
What’s the secret word for tonight? Tanzstunde! The two guys playing the trombone and sax of the Billy Walton Band, were shaking their hips all night long, like go-go-guys. Then William Paris, the bass player, stepped forward and said to the amused audience, in German and English: »Heute Nacht ist Tanzstunde. Meine Mutti hat gesagt, du sollst zur Tanzstunde gehen. Ich sagte: ›Nein!‹ I was a rebel. I was a rocker. I don’t needed girls. Well, that was a big mistake.« Does humor belong in music? Well, in the case of the Billy Walton Band it does, and not only in words but in the music itself. It was so much fun to listen to this fine band which I missed last year and which no one should miss the following year. It was liberating music, you could just jump for joy. Two girls did just that and danced quite perfectly. Later, as the twist ›Shake your Hips‹ was played the one with the ponytail flying around her head shook her hips like she didn’t ever want to get a Rollator in her later years. Pflegeversicherung, thank you very much. Right on, sister! Billy Walton is a nice man and a good musician, and he likes to quote a lot from The Knack (My Sharona) and My girl (The Tempations) to Bitch (Rolling Stones) and 25 or 6 to 4 (Chicago), and he doesn’t stop there, he improvises on stage and makes fun of himself and of the band members. There was one pretty funny scene when the buffoon of the band, William Paris, said: »It’s someone’s birthday. Which song do you wanna hear?« And a voice from the crowd yelled: »Stairway to Hell!« The quick-witted Paris replied: »That’s where we’re going!« Then Mr Walton began playing the first chords of ›Stairway to Heaven‹ but interrupted himself saying that this is sad song and he has to make it funky because it should be a birthday celebration, and suddenly we heard for two minutes a Reggae cover version of the famous song from Led Zeppelin. What an entertaining evening this was. Sadly, like all good things it had to end eventually.