Blues Bitch schrieb am Samstag, 25. Januar 2020:
She is a funky little lady. She is a force. She has a huge, strident, penetrating voice. She could do a whole concert without any accompanying instruments. She is The Voice just like Chris Farlowe is The Voice. The two would make a terrific duo. There are three Canadian singers who showed up in the last years at the Blues Garage: Colleen Rennison (only one gig), Layla Zoe (a steady item), and then there is Meghan (not the one from Windsor Castle who just ›emigrated‹ to Canada): Meghan Parnell, lead singer of the band Bywater Call (from Canada). There was a Mardi Gras- and Gospel Music-feeling yesterday at the Blues Garage. Besides songs from their just published first album Bywater Call played an excellent choice of classics from the R&B repertoire: Rock steady (Aretha Franklin, 1971), Walk on by (Dionne Warwick, 1963), and, among others: Right Place, Wrong Time, (Dr John, 1973), the funky climax, bringing New Orleans to Isernhagen. They say that the brain is all motion, so stand up, put ›Right Place, Wrong Time‹ on your record player (ok, you don’t have one, so youtube it), and when the chorus goes: ooohhh — stand on one leg and hold your arms over your head. You got it, baby! The Bing, the Bang, and the Boom. Meghan, come back next year!