Blues Bitch schrieb am Samstag, 16. Dezember 2017:
He’s an entertainer. He can talk in a relaxed sort of way. He’s every mother-in-law’s dream boy: Handsome, charming, funny, humble. If only he would have more money, but mother-in-law’s can’t have it all. He has the prospect of becoming famous very soon. He’s unpretentious. Olivier (Olly) Corpe (25) is the centre of ›The King’s Parade‹. Without him there would be no band. His voice is calm and you expect him to sing everything, maybe even a Backstreet Boys Song like »I want it that way«. Corpe told us that the band were accused of not having a love song in their repertoire. Now there’s a sentence you don’t hear quite often. So they finally wrote one. He’s not a kitschy schlagersänger. It’s all about harmonies, pleasant melodies, catchy tunes. »I am living the dream, / Of a music man […] Mumma told me some day son, / You’ll make your name.« In twenty years time he will perform alone on stage singing like the great crooners such as Rudy Vallée, Frank Sinatra or Charles Aznavour. First time, they came here in 2014 as the opening act for J.J. Grey & Mofro, they »met the strangest, most wonderful man of the world who owns the place«. And that’s not a fake compliment, but a fact. »We like the very attentive German audiences. You guys stand there and stare and its beautiful, not getting drunk like us englishmen back home.« Less is more. They played two sets, each thirty minutes and an encore. It reflects the fact that they have produced only EPs, which means Extended Play but can also mean Essential Poems, the essence of things. There was not one boring moment. What more can you expect of a music band on stage? The concert was certainly a highlight of this year’s many concerts at the Blues Garage. Hopefully they will come back. ’Tis the season to be jolly. Or as they say in the USA: the holidays. And there is a saying in America: »Wait, there is more.« You know when X-mas kicks into high gear? Expensive gifts. Come on, Santa. I was a good girl this year. Santa baby, bring me a ’54 convertible, light blue, and a nice chauffeur too, to drive me to the Blues Garage when the trains are running late, and I feel blue. (Gotta train to catch! Gotta train to catch!)